Hello, it's me.


Hi friends, welcome to the new and improved Brookmade website. It was time for a fresh start, and a new approach to creating content that I love (and hope you will love too). Here’s what you can expect: I’m continuing to bring fashion to the forefront of my brand. I want to share my tips on building a waredrobe, shopping trends, and an honest approach to finding clothes that fit (bringing my own personal body diversity to the table). I will of course be sharing other sides of the lifestyle coin like beauty, travel, home decor, and whatever else strikes my fancy.


What about my photography business? She’s still there. I think so much of what I’m passionate about - finding the beauty in everyday and creating images that captivate - will be present in my lifestyle blog. Those images will live on the same website as my blog, but will be housed in their own tab.

Photo Jul 18, 6 42 35 AM.jpg

For me this is a big moment of truth. I've always wanted to have a style blog, and have been obsessed with magazines and fashion since I can remember, but I've always been a little camera shy and never felt like I was good enough to post pictures of myself. I've heard people say your 30s are some of the best years because you finally stop giving a f*** about what anyone has to say, and lean into being "young". I'm not quite 30 (hey, 28), but I kind of feel that. Who cares if I have cellulite on my legs or that I have a giant scar on my arm from surgery. I truly feel excited about what I'm wearing, or when I find new ways to do my hair or makeup and I just want to share because it feels good. I'll be sharing links to what I'm wearing too, just in case you're interested.

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Thank you so much to Natasha Anne Photography for the photos! 

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