New Years Resolutions : 2019

2019 resolutions

There’s nothing I love more than sitting down and reflecting. 2018 was so good and so hard. One amazing thing that happened was getting over my personal fears, and starting a lifestyle blog (okay, mostly an instagram but with a couple of blog posts every month or so… whoops). This was a huge reaction to other things that were stressing me the fuck out, and I’m so glad I did it for myself.

I’m calling this post a New Years Resolution post, but I hate the idea of resolutions being so pass or fail. These are just a few things that need some attention in my life (and some I’ve already been working on!) I like to think of it as setting intentions for the year.

Become a morning person … again I’ve never been the kind of person who wakes up before the sun, and I’m always going to be grumpy until I have my coffee, but I used to be a little better adjusted in the mornings. Lately, I snooze until the last minute and barely make it to work on time. And listen, there’s nothing wrong with rocking your #iwokeuplikethis look, but doing it too often can really make you feel like a slob. For me, this all comes down to my sleep routine. Getting a good routine so I get some good sleep will help me function so much better in the morning. I’m starting to diffuse oils, and putting my phone down a little sooner. Thinking about getting this pillow spray too for the ultimate at home spa feeling.

Cook for fun I think a huge part of eating healthy, and nourishing your body is enjoying the process of preparing your food. This year, I have ordered on postmates way more times than I’d like to admit. When I get home I’m tired, and on my days off the last thing I want to do is spend my whole day at the grocery and meal prepping. I’m planning to take advantage of the amazon/whole foods partnership and get my groceries delivered via prime, and I’ve been collecting some delicious looking recipes to get me inspired.

Self care (and not just bubble baths) If it’s not obvious from these first two points, I’ve really slacked on the self care. I’m not just treating myself to a face mask every now and again, I’m talking more like treating myself to a vegetable (I kid! Kind of). Eating well, getting better sleep, and going for a few more walks with Oshie are also on the self care agenda.

Figure out my headaches I’ve had issues with chronic headaches since high school, and lately they’ve flared up quite a bit. Lately, I’ve noticed that I seem to get them the worst right after lunch. I’m wondering if I may have a food allergy that may be causing it, so that is something I want to get figured out in 2019.

Stay Positive Perspective is everything. This year, I really let circumstances impact my contentment and let work stress into my personal life. In 2019, it’s about blocking out the negative voices and charging ahead with my plan and goals.

Get Organized With working a full time job, having a social life, and blogging on the side things can get a little hectic. It’s the biggest stressor when my place is a mess. I’ve started to set a timer for 20 minutes to do a quick pick up before bed, and it’s been a huge help. Also, in 2019 I’m hoping to be a little more organized with creating content for my blog by planning it out. This year, there were so many things I wanted to share that were very specific to the season, but by the time I was able to get it all together, it was really too late to be useful.

Last year was all about letting go of the excuses, and just doing the damn thing. I think I made some big steps in the right direction, so hopefully by the end of next year I can say the same about 2019.