Fall Loves

fall trends 2018


The number one item on my list is leopard print booties. I wear a TON of neutral colors, and I don’t buy a ton of crazy patterns, so neutral really feels like a “neutral” shoe option for me. I know it’s going to mix well with what I already have. I’m still deciding which ones to buy, but I’m leaning towards these ones because they have a lower heel (all about the comfort) and I know I can get them on sale.


I’ve already invested in a plaid skirt (here’s a few other ways I’ve styled it too), but I have seen so many mini skirts lately and I am obsessed! Some of my favorites have been suede and leather. I think this work so well with booties for early fall while it’s still warm, or a pair of over the knee boots when it gets a little chillier.


I’m honestly not sure how many slouchy sweaters is too many, but I’m close to the limit. I just can’t stop. Every season I find one or two that I love. I’m especially loving sweaters than can be styled off the shoulder with a cute bralette. Plus, I’m just saying, they look great styled with mini skirts and leopard booties. Work smarter, not harder people.

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