Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth with Smile Brilliant

smile brilliant teeth whitening

I may have mentioned it before, but I love coffee. And wine. I also love having a bright white smile, and sometimes the two don’t mix. I was recently considering going in for a professional teeth whitening, so when Smile Brilliant reached out about trying their product, I was in!

I’ve tried a few whitening products here and there - the standard white strips and whitening toothpaste - but never felt like I could see a difference. Within a few treatments with the Smile Brilliant gel, I saw my most noticeable stains start to lift and my teeth getting WHITER.

smile brilliant custom teeth whitening
smile brilliant custom teeth whitening
smile fearlessly with smile brilliant
smile brilliant custom teeth whitening

So here’s how it works:

Smile Brilliant sends you your kit which comes with whitening and desensitizing gel, plus everything you need to create the impressions for your custom trays! Once you have your impressions made, you send them back and within a couple of days you’ll get your trays back, and you can start whitening.  

The gel comes in a little syringe, and I found that I needed about 1/4 of that per application. I started with 45-minute whitening sessions to test my sensitivity, and once I saw that my teeth were fine I started keeping it in for a little longer to get maximum results. You can leave it on for up to 3 hours!

Overall, my results were amazing and my experience was great. The kit costs $150 and that includes the trays and the gels. It came with 4 of each the whitening and desensitizing gel, so I was able to get about 16 whitening sessions in (and saw pretty significant results after 7)

before and after smile brilliant


It really worked. By my 4th use, I started to notice that some of the stains on my bottom teeth were lifting.

The custom-fitted trays made me confident that every nook and cranny of my teeth were being whitened.

A little product goes a long way! Even though the upfront investment is a little steeper than white strips, you get a few weeks to use from the product (and noticeable results).

There’s no UV light you have to keep in your mouth. You can put the trays in and go about your normal routine.

I can drink all the coffee and wine I want without worrying about my teeth being stained yellow forever.  


The taste of the whitening gel was pretty strong. The first time, I used too much gel. Once I got the amount right, the taste didn’t bother me too much.

It’s recommended to leave the product on for 45 mins - 3 hours. For me, it was sometimes difficult to find time between eating dinner and before going to bed to get my white done.

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smile brilliant custom teeth whitening